I shall be getting baptised this Sunday. I’ve been a Christian for many years, but haven’t yet done this. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate my faith and the way that God has made me right with Him. The symbol of washing away my sins, leaving me clean and unblemished is a powerful one. Baptism is also clearly necessary. Jesus is baptised, and we are told to be baptised too.

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Three Minute Silence

Yesterday, most of the country paused for three minutes at twelve o’clock to remember the victims of the tsunami and earthquake disaster.

UK Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell said: “This is to commemorate the victims of the catastrophe in south east Asia and is in solidarity with the people of the affected countries.” (Source: BBC News)

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the disaster, and with those who are part of the relief effort.

Is a three minute silence appropriate? I’m not entirely comfortable with it. The feelings of shock and horror at the scale of the disaster, sympathy for those whose lives have been shattered, and a desire to help are all commendable, but I’m concerned about the motivation behind holding the silence – what are we remembering, and why?

The two-minute silence was first observed in Cape Town, South Africa in 1916 following the publication of South Africa’s first casualty list of World War I. Sir Harry Hands, the Mayor of Cape Town, ordered a two-minute silent pause, to follow the firing of the Noon gun, in commemoration of those lost. (Source: Wikipedia)

In this country, King George V requested a silence to ...

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Big plans

The wonderful news of the last few weeks is that Lisa and I have got engaged! I proposed on Saturday, 22nd March, and Lisa said yes about 1.2 seconds later, which makes me a very happy man.

So you can see why I've been rather busy, these last four weeks.

Never a man to do anything in a hurry, I've been surprised at just how quickly everything has fallen into place, now I've met the Right Girl.

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