On The Extinguishing Of URLs

In a dimly lit room that smelled of solder, I peered into a CRT monitor. The Internet was growing up, Textism was a cool blog, but Dean Allen was yet to publish his first F-bomb. Business websites were changing publishing technologies with reckless abandon, and the links the world made to their pages were becoming outdated.

Tim Berners Lee wrote Cool URIs Don't Change back in 1998, but now Zeldman was saying it, and Gruber was probably sneering at it, so the permanent link was here to stay. Bloggers left their first posts up for posterity, 404 Not Found pages made smug references to their visitor's lack of typing prowess. URLs containing session IDs made the cognoscenti roll their eyes. I was sold.

Fast forward a decade, plus loose change, and the Internet is a thriving beast with tendrills in every part of life. Big business caught on to a good handful of web best practices, and is happily using mod_rewrite to keep their ducks in a row and the pages loading. I've spent the decade tooling around with some of the web technologies, watching my family start to grow up and considering what the Internet of ...

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