I always forget how to make my bash prompt just the way I like it, so here it is for posterity. In ~/.bashrc:

PS1='\[\e]2;\[email protected]\H \w\a\]\[\e[32m\][\t] \[\e[33m\]\w\[\e[0m\]\n\$ '

On Ubuntu:

PS1="\[$(tput bold)\]\[$(tput setaf 1)\][\h]\[$(tput setaf 2)\][\t] \[$(tput setaf 3)\]\w\[$(tput setaf 7
)\]\n\\$ \[$(tput sgr0)\]"

This gives me a prompt like this with the time and path:

And a terminal title like this:

Here’s the long guide to the codes, and here’s the one I use from IBM.