I recently updated my Sandisk Sansa Clip firmware and found that the volume was dramatically reduced.

One of the key reasons for leaving behind my iPod Nano was that it was rather quiet. Now, before you tell me how I should be looking after my ears, I should say that playing music was just fine. However, I listen to a lot of podcasts and the audio level is often rather low — hence the need to pump up the volume.

Now, it seems that the E.U. have called for a limit of 80dB on the volume of mp3 players. The only sensible way to implement this is to limit the volume scale on the device so that the normal volume of music is restricted to 80dB. This makes my podcasts really quiet!

The solution, for the Sansa Clip, is very easy:

  1. Turn on your Sansa Clip
  2. Make a note of any settings you would like to keep (we’re going to reset them in a minute)
  3. Select ‘Settings’ from the main menu
  4. Select ‘Reset All’
  5. Select ‘Yes’
  6. Select your language of choice (English for me)
  7. Select ‘Rest of World’ as your region
  8. Optionally:
    • Scroll through the settings menu to ‘Volume’
    • Select ‘High’
  9. Set the volume as you normally would - you should have lots more oomph now

Just remember to mind your ears when you listen to music after you’ve finished that quiet podcast!